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Henry Stickman: Stealing the Diamond is a adventure game that can be played online at Unblocked Games WTF. “Henry Stickman: Stealing the Diamond” is an interactive adventure game where players control the actions of the character Henry Stickman as he attempts to successfully steal a valuable diamond. The game is known for its humor and multiple branching paths, offering various outcomes based on the choices you make.

Play Henry Stickman: Stealing the Diamond Game Here:

Controls For Playing Henry Stickman: Stealing the Diamond Game:

The controls for playing “Henry Stickman: Stealing the Diamond” can vary depending on the platform or version of the game you are playing. However, in most matters, the game is played using a combination of mouse clicks and keyboard inputs. Here are the typical

Controls for the game:


Left-click: Interact with objects, make choices, and progress through the game by clicking on the options presented on the screen.


Arrow keys: In some situations, you may need to use the arrow keys to control Henry Stickman’s movement or to select options in certain menus.

Spacebar: Press the spacebar to proceed to the next screen, confirm choices, or trigger certain actions.
Note that the specific controls can vary based on the scene or situation in the game. Pay attention to on-screen prompts and instructions that guide you through the gameplay.

It’s also worth mentioning that “Henry Stickman: Stealing the Diamond” is often played as a point-and-click adventure game, so using the mouse to interact with objects and make choices is the primary method of control.

If you’re playing the game on a specific platform or version, it’s recommended to refer to the in-game instructions or the controls section within the game menu for accurate and detailed information on the controls specific to that version.

How To Play Henry Stickman: Stealing the Diamond Game Like A Pro? – (Tips and Tricks)

Here are some tips to play the game effectively:

Pay attention to the choices:

The game Henry Stickman: Stealing the Diamond presents you with multiple choices at crucial moments. Think carefully and consider the consequences of each option before making a decision. Some choices will lead to success, while others will result in humorous failures.

Observe your surroundings:

The game Henry Stickman: Stealing the Diamond environment is filled with interactive objects and clues that can help you progress. Pay attention to details and click on different elements to discover hidden paths or tools that can assist you in your mission.

Trial and error:

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try different approaches. Sometimes failure can lead to new opportunities or reveal alternative paths. If one choice doesn’t work out, try a different one in subsequent playthroughs.

Timing is important:

Certain actions require precise timing to succeed. Pay attention to cues and prompts that indicate when to click or interact with objects. Timing your actions correctly can be crucial for a successful outcome.

Pay attention to humor:

Henry Stickman: Stealing the Diamond is known for its comedic elements. Enjoy the humorous situations and unexpected outcomes that arise from your choices. Don’t be afraid to embrace the lighthearted nature of the game.

Explore different paths:

The game offers multiple branching paths and endings. After completing one path, try different choices in subsequent playthroughs to discover new outcomes and hilarious scenarios.

Have fun with the failures:

Failing in the game is part of the experience. Embrace the humorous failures and enjoy the comical animations and dialogue that follow. It’s all part of the fun and charm of the game.

Remember, “Henry Stickman: Stealing the Diamond” is meant to be an entertaining and light-hearted adventure. Experiment, explore, and enjoy the various outcomes and comedic moments that the game has to offer.

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